Welcome to the Gatoresin™ Eco-Revolution

Welcome To The Gatoresin™ Eco-Revolution

This earth-friendly, patented polymer transforms agricultural feedstock waste, paper production by-products, or other plant waste into responsible, biorenewable, water-degradable, biodegradable, short-term plastic products.  LEARN HOW

Our Eco-Friendly Mission

We are on a mission to replace traditional plastics and sub-standard sustainable, degradable plastics with Gatoresin® for disposable uses. We are committed to reducing petroleum usage and eliminating a substantial portion of pollution from plastics not designed for disposable uses.

Who And What Drives US BIOPLASTICS®

Learn how the US Bioplastics team is working with environmentally conscious companies, product manufacturers and the public to create a uniquely sustainable-degradable and economically viable industry.

Why Gatoresin® Is A Responsible, Viable Business Model

Gatoresin® stands alone as the one plastic with the answers to sourcing, price equivalence, functionality, heat tolerance, sustainability, degradation, closed environment recycling, and environmental short-term life.

Let’s Talk

We are ready to partner with event enterprises that employ closed waste management systems to maximize environmental impact and increase the event’s marketing potential. This is achievable by recapturing a significant percentage of the discarded plastic products for recycling, while eliminating the possibility of environmental harm from littering and/or improper disposal.