About US Bioplastics®

Gatoresin®, a revolutionary, biorenewable, biodegradable, water-degradable plastic, invented and patented by University of Florida Professor Stephen A. Miller, Ph.D. This unique approach that specifically addresses the long-term plastic contamination of our environment is the reason US Bioplastics was formed. The company unites the innovative talents of CTO, Dr. Miller with the bioplastics business expertise of CEO Lee Strait. Miller and Strait share an unrelenting commitment to creating and bringing to market sustainable-degradable commodity products and packaging that can significantly reduce environmental contamination.

Dr. Miller has earned an international reputation as a leading polymer inventor and speaks extensively at symposia worldwide. Strait has been working with Dr. Miller since 2012 on the commercialization of Gatoresin® and brings knowledge and experience in bioplastics to his stewardship of the company.


A Hub Of Innovation And Commercialization

On behalf of US Bioplastics, Strait has developed strong relationships with the University of Florida, Office of Licensing Technology, University of Florida Innovation HUB, Florida-Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research, University of Florida Department of Chemistry, as well as with chemical engineering, intellectual property experts, and large private-sector agricultural companies for raw materials and supply chain stability. Currently, the University of Florida is fourth in the nation for launching start-ups.

With Strait’s 6-year background in the bioplastics industry, from processing and product to sales and distribution, he is implementing a business model that can capitalize on the fastest-growing sector of the plastics industry. A multi-channel marketing communications and public relations initiative is underway, creating a strong presence in the plastics industry, digitally with the launch of a new website, and in the bioplastics academic and industrial communities with Dr. Miller’s participation in trade shows, symposia, and industry events internationally.

*US Bioplastics, Inc. licenses patented and patent pending technology from the University of Florida office of Technology Licensing.

From Waste To Answers

As part of US Bioplastics’ Florida initiative, “From Waste to Answers”, we are committed to developing bio-smart solutions that can reduce plastic pollution. Gatoresin® was designed to be the short-term plastic that can replace oil-based, non-degradable plastics—plastics that are leaching harmful chemicals into our waterways and water tables.

With the launch of Gatoresin®, US Bioplastics is ready to establish a foothold by launching a PET mimic that is truly responsible plastic—sustainable, degradable, profitable, and a game-changer for the environment.

US Bioplastics corporate headquarters are located in Winter Park, FL, with Dr. Miller and post-doctoral, Dr. Pemba located at the University of Florida, in Gainesville, FL. US Bioplastics pilot facility will be located on-site in South Florida at one of the largest agricultural companies in the United States.

Our Eco-Friendly Mission

We are on a mission to replace traditional plastics and sub-standard sustainable, degradable plastics with Gatoresin® for disposable uses. We are committed to reducing petroleum usage and eliminating a substantial portion of the environmental disaster caused by pollution from plastics that were never designed for disposable uses.

We are committed to establishing Gatoresin® as being the degradable answer to the one-off disposable packaging problem by:

  • Incorporating provable degradation characteristics and excellent thermal properties
  • Sourcing materials that exist in enormous scale and are currently not fully exploited
  • Utilizing our intellectual properties that can enable us to maintain control over the entire supply chain from resin production to product licensing in the major markets we detect and pursue
  • Partnering with multiple product lines to pull the commodity through the market to the product manufacturer
  • Making a positive impact on the environment with an eco-strategy that can—make it happen

Bioplastics Market Overview

  • The global market for bioplastics reached $2.3 billion in 20111
  • The bioplastics market is growing faster than the overall plastics market at an annual growth rate of 19.5%1
  • Bioplastics market growth is projected to reach $7.8 billion in 20181
  • While bio-plastics represent only 1% of the total plastics market today, a NanoMarkets’ report projects that amount will grow to 7% by 20202

Four major biodegradable material markets:

  • Food packaging
  • Personal and healthcare
  • Non-food packaging
  • Consumer goods
Over 500 downstream processors expected to be 5,000 by 20203

Opportunity For Growth

Rising oil prices, consumer and retailer acceptance of eco-friendly packaging, and the overall trend towards ecologically friendly business solutions and legislation are driving opportunities for bioplastics.

  • Key industry players and manufacturers are opting to use biodegradable plastics in their production process
  • The increased implementation of bioplastics is expected to decrease petroleum consumption for plastics by 15% to 20% by the year 20253
  • By 2025, the global bioplastics market is expected to reach $12.5 billion3
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