Join US Bioplastics® In Cleaning Up Florida

Florida is facing the economic impact of plastic contamination caused by companies from other states and countries that are shipping products to Florida packed with non-degradable materials. US Bioplastics is working with state legislators to propose legislation to address this mounting problem.

US Bioplastics will be presenting proposed legislation to the State of Florida in Tallahassee to address plastic contamination in the Florida environment. As companies from other states and countries ship their products into Florida, they are using the least expensive materials for packaging and leaving the cost of clean-up to the Florida tax payers.

We believe it is untenable to burden Florida taxpayers with the massive, future cost of plastic contamination clean-up. It is time to address this problem, requiring companies shipping goods to Florida to use sustainable, degradable shipping materials now that there is a viable alternative. Join us to protect our state from the blight and cost of non-degradable packaging.

Should Florida taxpayers have to bear the expense of cleaning up non-degradable packing materials used in shipping products to our state from other states and countries? What do you think about plastic contamination in the Florida environment?