08.23.2013. Listen to a Podcast of Dr. Miller speaking on Sustainable Polymers—Opportunities for the Next Decade.


Join US Bioplastics
In Cleaning Up Florida

US Bioplastics will be presenting proposed legislation to the State of Florida in Tallahassee to address plastic contamination in the Florida environment. As companies from other states and countries ship their products into Florida, they are using the least expensive materials for packaging and leaving the cost of clean-up to the Florida tax payers.

These clean-up costs will occur in the future, at a much higher rate than what would be paid currently.  When it is time to clean up the problem caused by this misuse of outdated materials, the cost paid by the Florida tax payer will exponentially increase, causing great harm to our state budget. This unsustainable pattern cannot be allowed to continue now that there is a viable, cost-effective alternative. As the back-end costs of using these outdated materials rests on the Florida tax payer, US Bioplastics will be introducing legislation for the use of advanced, biorenewable, water-degradable materials, which will eliminate this problem. READ MORE


Visit Dr. Miller’s site at the University of Florida to learn more about his research, papers, patents, and events where he will be speaking.

Learn more about the positive, anti-oxidant effects of ferulic acid:

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